GFSI FOCUS DAY CHINA, 16 October, 2019

Share knowledge and network with over 500 food safety experts from China and global


On the 16 October 2019, Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) will host its 8th Edition China Focus Day in Chengdu.

Over 500 top food safety executives from China and the rest of world will meet at the CROWNE PLAZA CHENGDU WEST, Chengdu, China.

The GFSI Focus Day aims to provide local stakeholders in the food industry an opportunity to find out more about the Global Food Safety Initiative but it will also serve as a unique opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange.

On these occasions, a selection of speakers from both global and local companies share their experiences of managing food safety in their organizations within the GFSI framework, as well as the local top topics. Delegates receive a complete step-by-step introduction to the GFSI and learn about the added value and benefits of adopting the GFSI approach.


The GFSI Focus Day aims to provide Chinese stakeholders in the food industry an opportunity to find out more about the Global Food Safety Initiative but it will also serve as a unique opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange.

As GFSI is an industry-driven initiative and as more and more buying companies begin to request that their supply chain partners achieve certification against a GFSI recognised scheme, there is need for communication on exactly what this means for a business.

5 reasons for food safety professionals to come to the GFSI Focus Day:

• Go back to basics and get a complete introduction to the Global Food Safety Initiative - the principles behind it, an overview of certification and accreditation, information on the GFSI recognised schemes and insight on how even small businesses can implement the GFSI principles within their company.

• Hear case studies, success stories and best practices from companies that have implemented GFSI.

• Learn from speakers who have in-depth experience of GFSI through their years of collaboration with the initiative; learn from speakers who have innovative perspective from local best practice.

• Network with fellow food safety professionals.

• Get a glimpse of food safety management systems in the China market.

GFSI China Local Group (Founded in 2013)

The GFSI China Local Group was founded in 2013 and aims to elevate consumer confidence in food safety in China by leveraging GFSI’s philosophy and approach to harmonise and improve food safety management systems in Chinese companies.

The group also aims to establish a mutual recognition system based on GFSI’s vision to connect food purchasers and manufacturers, advancing the “once certified, recognised everywhere” idea in the Chinese market.

Furthermore, the Local Group provides a platform to promote exchange and collaboration among all stakeholders (government, industry, and academia, etc.) to advance food safety in China and globally.

What We Do?

To implement GFSI’s strategic priorities locally, a reorganisation of the Chinese task forces took place in May 2018. The China Local Group consists of four task forces governed by the Steering Committee.
2018-2019 GFSI China Progress Report Download PDF

Steering Committee


  • Zhigang YANG, Mengniu Diary
  • Jenny CHEN, Walmart China


  • Zhigang CHEN, COFCO
  • Kelvin CHEN, Metro China
  • Tony HUANG, COFCO Wines and Spirits
  • Longhai LIU, New Hope Liuhe
  • Herve Martin, Carrefour China


  • Wei Sun, Amazon China
  • Jun TAO, Auchan China
  • Huiming WANG, Bright Dairy
  • Richard WANG, McDonald’s China
  • Jie XU, Danone China
  • Zhinong YAN, Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center
  • Stam YANG, Starbucks China
  • Heidi YAO, PepsiCo Asia R&D Center
  • Yunling ZHENG, Cargill China
  • Sanhu WANG,
  • Jason LIU, Ting Hsin International
Task Force Leader and Member List Download PDF

Certification Programmes Harmonisation & Implementation Task Force


  • Promote and expand the image of GFSI-Recongnised certification programmes. - Internal
  • Promote GFSI-Recongnised certification programmes to external stakeholders (e.g. government, associations, and academic institutes). - External

Latest progress:

  • 1. One-page introduction of GFSI Recognised Certification Programmes (2018.10)
  • 2. Survey of the GFSI certificated situation for the upstream suppliers in the 13 GFSI China Local Group members.

Capability Building Task Force


  • Provide tools and methods to enhance the level of food safety management in companies.
  • Broaden the awareness of capability building efforts.
  • Leverage internal and external resources to help companies gradually achieve GFSI-Recognised after completing the Global Markets Programme.

Latest progress:

  • 6th June 2018
    the third meeting of GFSI&CCFA joint working group was held in Beijing CCFA conference room.
  • 27th-28th July 2018
    SJTU-Bor S. Luh Food Safety Research Center held the Primary Seminar of Food Safety and Nutrition for SJTU-SSAFE-GFSI Global Market Plan in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. This seminar was strongly supported by Liaoning Nutritional Association Alliance.
  • 23th-24th August 2018
    a two-day seminar for 2018 GFSI Global Markets Programme in Songjiang demonstration zone of export food quality and safety was held in Shanghai Jinfeng International Hotel.
  • 12th January 2018
    the second meeting of GFSI&CCFA joint working group was held at The Consumer Goods Forum/GFSI China Representative Office.
  • 22nd Jan. 2019, Shanghai
    Discussed basic level seminar videos demo and collected modification advices from group members.
    Discussed seminar materials development plan of 2nd edition toolkits of primary production.
    Discussed the publicity programme of this cooperative project.

Collaboration and Regulatory Affairs Task Force


  • Establish effective communication channels with Governments & Institutions on Food Safety topics.
  • Promote food safety culture in China, eg. food safety culture tour, toolkit & best practice sharing.
  • Contribute to China’s regulatory development with domestic & international industrial experience.

Latest progress:

  • 1. In February 2018,the report with topic of Food Traceability from Different Perspectives - Collection and Analysis Report on Food Safety Traceability Regulations\Standards was issued in GFSI.
  • 2. Translated GFSI publications of < Tackling Food Fraud Through Food Safety Management Systems > and < A Culture of Food Safety-A Position Paper From The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) >.

E-Commerce Food Safety Task Force


  • Organise E-Commerce Food Safety Task Force as the pilot sub-working group under CFSI in the wake of the fast developing food selling market in China.
  • Engage more e-commerce companies into task force in order to encourage the self- discipline of the e-commerce industry and establish the communication channel between supervision departments and industry stakeholders.
  • Establish guidelines on how to manage food safety risk in an e-commerce supply chain and share with GFSI community.

Latest progress:

  • Global Markets Programme Online projects lead by Alibaba Group.
    GFSI China Local Group & Alibaba Certification Team
    1. There will be a Global Markets Programme page on this platform
    2. Will provide the following information on this page:
      1.GFSI introduction
      2.Global Markets Programme (GMP) introduction
      3.GFSI & GMP promotional video
      4.GMP Manufacturing 2nd edition toolkits (2 PDF, 1 Excel)
      5.Current courses materials (PPT)
    3. Alibaba Certification Team will promote Global Markets Programme to the merchants on their platform.